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23 Mobile Things Final Spotlight – Thing 23 Evaluation

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It’s the last 23 Mobile Things spotlight, and we hope you’ve enjoyed looking at them as much as we have. Remember the end date to complete all 23 Mobile Things is June 15th, so keep blogging about those Things and make sure to collect those badges!


Galaxie Tab 4

Badges: If you haven’t already, don’t forget to let us know when you’ve earned a badge (at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 23 Things completed)! Just email minn23@gmail.com with your blog name, multitype region (CMLE), and how many Things you’ve completed. We’ll add your badge to your region’s blogroll and send you one you can display on your blog to share your progress. We will enter CMLE finishers into a prize drawing based on the badges we see!

All finishers will receive an incentive prize! And, CMLE staff will also enter all finishers from our region in a drawing for either a new Galaxie Tab 4 OR a new iPad Mini!


iPad Mini

Appropriately, this week we take a look at Thing 23, Evaluation of the 23 Mobile Thing Program. Current finishers in the CMLE region offered some great posts from which to choose and share. All bloggers were asked a few questions to summarize their impressions of the program and here are some of the best responses.

Go back to your thoughts/ideas about  mobile devices and apps. Has anything changed as a result of this experience?

The bloggers agreed that they had learned a lot about their mobile devices and the apps on them. One of the best quotes came from Sarah about her experience, “I would say the #1 thing that changed for me was my view of mobile devices not just as a personal tool, but as a tool that could be used professionally as well.”

What were your favorite Things and discoveries?

In her Thing 23 post, Zoma did a great job of summarizing all of the Things and what she liked. Others apps that seemed to be recurring favorites were: Pinterest and Instagram.

How did you connect with others doing the 23 Mobile Things?

Several bloggers mentioned how the program helped develop relationships for them – both online and at their library. One blogger “loved following the blogs of people I know, as well as discovering new ideas and friends via Twitter. Oftentimes when I was stuck on a specific Thing, I would troll others’ blogs for inspiration.”

Were there any take-a-ways or unexpected outcomes from this program that surprised you?

Holly’s unexpected outcome turned a negative into a positive. “The fact that I got to try out apps that I didn’t like was also helpful. If a staff member comes to me asking about something that didn’t work so well, I can look back to my blog and remember why.”

How would you describe your learning experience in one word or in one sentence, so we could use your words to promote 23 Things learning activities to others?

We think Kathy’s quote might summarize the program for you. “Taking this course made me feel less like a digital immigrant and more like I can hold a conversation with a digital native.” OR maybe Duane’s works better for you: “In my position as media specialist, I’m expected to be on the forefront of technology and to share that technology with other teachers. This course has helped fulfill both of those criteria in addition to improving my relevance in an ever-changing library environment.”

CMLE would like to thank all participants and remind you that the 23 Mobile Things Program will be available after the June 15th deadline. If you’re not able to finish by then, you can always revisit the program at your leisure.

Tip: See what people are saying on Twitter about 23 Mobile Things by following the hashtag #23ThingsMN  and join the conversation!

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June 5, 2014 at 9:50 am

From the Director

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For all practical purposes, this fiscal year is coming to an end, and I must admit, our CMLE staff is limping to the finish line on fumes! Having said that, due to popular demand, our 23 Mobile Things Program will plug along until June 15, 2014, although our blogging activities will end for the summer with this edition of the Weekly Review . If you are one of the participants that swore you would finish if we accepted your wish to extend the deadline to June 15th,  please don’t disappoint us! All finishers will receive an incentive prize, but CMLE will also put all finishers from our region into a drawing for a new Galaxie Tab 4 OR an iPad Mini! I am counting on you to finish the program in order to be in the drawing! Right now your odds are very good, but we are hoping lots of participants are “laying in the weeds” and will spring into action soon! It is not unusual to see people cross the finish line at midnight, so don’t worry about your pride on that front….you would not be the only one!

Important: I will rely on the fact that your badges are up to date so we can easily see who has finished the program!

If you haven’t already, don’t forget to let us know when you’ve earned a badge (at 5, 10, 15, 20 and 23 Things completed)! Just email minn23@gmail.com with your blog name, multitype region (CMLE), and how many Things you’ve completed. Multitype staff will place your badge in our CMLE blogroll and send you one you can display on your blog to share your progress.

Our summer CMLE to-do list is quite different from our weekly work during the academic year. Summer is an important time for administrative work including the Library Legislative Forum, annual audit, year-end reports, discount agreements, internal system updates, program planning, and  our commitments to Fall library conference planning too. So, it might seem a  bit sad, but our Weekly Review and associated blog posts will be on a short hiatus during the summer months, but we will be back in the Fall! We will continue to wrap our arms around the glut of library news and opportunity, filter and distill it down to an easy to digest format, and share it with  you starting in September. We remain committed to offering ideas, tips, shortcuts, cost savings,  and application ideas too.  We hope this little blip in service gives everyone a refreshing “breather”. Watch your email in the event that something significant happens this summer that we feel a need to share immediately. Otherwise, enjoy quiet moments of summer serenity curled up with a good book under a big shady tree. Summer is a great time to renew and refresh. See you in the Fall!

Didn’t have time to read all of our blog posts this year? Go to http://cmleinfofeed.wordpress.com/ and meander through this year’s posts! Many of the posts are timeless, so better late than never….

CMLE Director, Patricia Post

CMLE Director, Patricia Post

  Patricia Post, Director
  Central MN Libraries Exchange (CMLE)
  A Minnesota Multitype Library System
  St. Cloud State University, Miller Center 130-D
  720 4th Ave. So.
  St. Cloud, MN  56301-4498
  Phone: 320-308-4779  Fax: 320-308-5131
  E-mail: papost@stcloudstate.edu





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June 4, 2014 at 4:39 pm

Final Mindful Moment: Be Compassionate

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CMLE staff have now guided you through twelve tools that will hopefully produce a more mindful state of being in your life. What? You have had no time to pay attention to the series? No worries, go to the bottom of this post during the lazier days of summer, and work your way through the content, one tool at a time! Who knows, maybe in the Fall we will have a whole group of very Zen librarians!

All credit for the content goes to Leo Babauta at Fast Company, who believes “a mindful life is worth the effort.

Image by bibigeek. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons' licensing.

Image by bibigeek. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons’ licensing.

Tool 12: Be Compassionate

This sounds trite, but compassion for others can change the way you feel about the world, on a day-to-day basis. And compassion for yourself is life-changing. These two things need remembering, though, so mindful living is about remembering to be compassionate after you forget.

That seems like a lot to digest and remember, and I often forget all of this stuff, but then I remember, and say, “Ah, I was doing it again!” And then I practice again.

And then I forget, but I reflect, and I learn, and I practice again.

This is the process of learning mindfulness. It’s forgetting, and then remembering, again and again.”


What is this business about a mindful life? Read Leo’s introduction, it will take like one minute and is well worth your time to frame this subject!

Interested in other posts CMLE has done on mindfulness this academic year?

Written by Patricia Post

June 4, 2014 at 10:03 am

Story Vending Machines

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Image by Maria Reyes-McDavis. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons' licensing.

Image by Maria Reyes-McDavis. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons’ licensing.

Who knew that dispensing literature from vending machines dates way back to 1822? And that these machines have dispensed a variety of items including poetry, tiny books, art, music, and film. Get the history behind this cool idea and read about how a Philadelphia high school is launching an innovative student-run publishing program that offers YA stories via a vending machine. http://tinyurl.com/ogwwek8



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June 4, 2014 at 9:48 am

Congrats SRR Middle School!

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isd47-website21The Sauk Rapids-Rice Middle School has been awarded the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) Grant from the Minnesota Department of Education. Consequently, the Middle School will receive approximately $134,000 toward next year’s programming to increase access to digital literacy and technology! The grant focuses on removing financial barriers for families and increasing opportunities for students to succeed in literacy. Purchases of iPads and eContent are part of the work of this grant.

Many individuals including, but not limited to, Media Specialist Cindy Hiedemen, Technology Coach Laura Mackenthun, Language Arts Teacher Sandie Lahr, and Middle School Principal Nate Rudolph  researched and wrote the grant.   Grant partners include the City of Rice, Apple Inc., the Central MN Libraries Exchange (CMLE), and Sauk Rapids-Rice Education Foundation.

CMLE staff wish SRR the very best in going forward on a fast track with the implementation of this grant. We look forward to reporting back to those in the region about the progress and outcomes of this work. Well done!

Note: The Sauk Rapids-Rice High School also has exciting news about embarking on a 1:1 laptop initiative next school year. Recently, a St. Cloud Times article provided more detail.

Is your school moving in the same direction? Send your stories to cmle@stcloudstate.edu

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June 4, 2014 at 9:45 am

You’re a Book Nerd If….

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BookSnakeBeth Bartlett writes: “In this age of YouTube and endless TV, it takes passion to fulfill yourself with the written word. Yet the book nerd thrives, surviving on the scent of old books and the meaty thoughts of great writers. How do you tell the difference between the casual reader and those with binding glue in their veins? You know you are book nerd if . . .”  Review the 18 reasons to see how you score at You’re a book nerd if . . . , The Huffington Post,May 23

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June 3, 2014 at 5:00 pm

June Productivity Tip

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According to the folks at  MakeUseOf, “The time has come where we all make promises to ourselves that we’ll be better, harder, faster, and stronger by the end of 2014. Twelve months is a long time, though, and it can be easy to lose steam over such a long period. What can you do about it? Our CMLE approach: break the year down into months and dedicate each month to a particular change. This method lets you internalize one change at a time before moving onto the next one. Front loading all of your resolutions together is just a recipe for being overwhelmed. A common resolution for most working people is to be more productive. If you do it right, by the end of the year you’ll be doing more work in less time!” Credit for the content of these monthly posts goes to Joel Lee, MakeUseOf.


Image by swanksalot. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons licensing. Some rights reserved.

Image by swanksalot. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons licensing. Some rights reserved.

June’s Bad Habit: Neglecting Exercise

“If you’re a white collar worker, you likely spend the majority of your day sitting in a chair. This can wreak havoc on your posture. If you’re frequently working with computers, there are additional risks that you need to keep in check, including computer fatigue. A sedentary lifestyle can have a lot of negative impact on your physical and mental health.

Solution: Exercise. Most New Year resolutions that involve exercise start in January and tend to fizzle out by February. I believe the dreary weather is a big factor. By starting in June, you’re setting yourself up for success since you’ll already be in the habit when the next winter rolls around.

Use RunKeeper to track your exercise goals and check out these exercise YouTube channels for training and motivation.”

We have run out of time to give you the last six tips….but no worries. Keep yourself on track over the summer and get them from 12 Productivity Habits To Finally Hack Your Life In The New Year by Joel Lee, MakeUseOf, Jan.1, 2014

Written by Patricia Post

June 3, 2014 at 4:49 pm


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