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RIP Joan Rivers, Honorary Librarian

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RIPFirst the passing of Robin Williams, then Joan Rivers, two comedians whom I loved. I know plenty of people who did not love Joan Rivers because of her catty, usually sarcastic humor. I say she came into comedy at a time when it wasn’t easy for women, and she had to create her “brand” to rise to fame. She was bold enough to say what others only wished they could! And she seemed to always be doing her comedy on the fly, almost ad libbing at a glance. Well folks, she was far from casual or “shoot from the hip” with her jokes. In fact, her treasured gray card catalog contained 30 years of jokes, arranged quite precisely by subject!  Stand-up librarian Meredith Myers wrote a great piece about Joan and she says, “She approached comedy like a librarian. She was prepared, organized, and willing to say yes to every opportunity that came her way.”

I was even more teary-eyed  to hear this….her memory and my admiration for her only deepened when I realized that underneath the bravado, she was one of us. RIP Joan Rivers!

Read Meredith Myers full tribute at  Joan Rivers, honorary librarian

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Written by Patricia Post

September 19, 2014 at 2:17 pm

Turn ‘Good Morning’ into ‘Great Morning’ with Book-Inspired Mugs

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Book mug

Getting up in the morning is easier when there’s something to look forward to – a favorite mug, perhaps?  Now if only we all had seven favorite mugs to wake up to each day of the week (maybe you do)!  Find your new favorite here – thirteen mugs inspired by some of the world’s bestselling books.  From Dr. Seuss to William Shakespeare, there’s something here for everyone!

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Written by Theresa

September 19, 2014 at 11:33 am

Recommended App: Duolingo

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DuoLingoRecently, the AASL came out with their 25 Best Apps for Teaching & Learning for 2014.  The apps were chosen because they foster innovation, creativity, active participation, and collaboration.

Duolingo is one such app.  The app encourages students to learn another language by rewarding points for correct translations.  The app starts off easy and is simple to use.  AASL provides a tip: use the app along with geography lessons to get students interested in learning another language!

The app is free and is available on iOS and Google Play.  It is recommended for 3rd through 12th graders.  Check out the promotional video:

Written by Theresa

September 19, 2014 at 9:16 am

Why Go to a Library Conference?

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Apple BasketThe Information and Technology Educators of MN (ITEM, previously MEMO) conference is thundering down the calendar toward us beginning the first week in October. Then, during the second week in October, the Minnesota Library Association (MLA) Conference crops up! Are you registered?

Ideally, you are able to attend  a library conference of some form at least once a year. If you have a job that counts on you staying up-to-date, a conference is a great way to sharpen your skill set. I understand that professional development dollars are tight, but think beyond the dollars for a moment. Faced with incredibly big jobs, high work expectations beyond what we thought possible, and a world of fast-paced change, why go to a MN library conference?

Here are  my Top 10 Reasons to Register for the ITEM or MLA Fall Conferences Now….

  1. You have an excuse to buy a cool outfit, a new pair of shoes, or gasp…a new bag (even though you have hundreds)
  2. Informal conversations: Whether it be at a lunch table, in the commons area between sessions, or over cocktails at happy hour, a conference is an excellent place to figure out what your peers are worried about, working on, and thinking about. Be brave, strike up a conversation! You can save yourself a ton of time and work by talking to others who will share.
  3. Bags: While in the exhibit area, you have the opportunity to collect yet more bags for your collection of hundreds; some that include cat portraits!
  4. Free books: many companies are handing out free advanced copies of books!
  5. Do you hate talking on the phone with sales people, but need some new products, pricing, or information? Bribe a colleague to go with you (for the free candy) to the exhibit areas, and plan ahead of time how you will exit any sales talk that has gone far enough. Tag teams rule!
  6. Authors: Library conferences always include author talks, and we do love anything an author has to say!
  7. Eyeglasses: Have I mentioned that librarians also love to show off their hip eyewear, and why is it that most of us are almost blind?
  8. Keynotes: Conference planners think long and hard to bring in big names and popular folk that have appeal, and it is rare to be thoroughly disappointed, very rare!
  9. Breakout sessions: There are usually so many to pick from, that you often have a hard time. Me, I intentionally look for the rooms bursting at the seams with people. I want to know what everyone is so geeked up about! If it is something I know very little about, I really should be there! Am hoping for a session on Cosplay.
  10. The evening social event: You will have a blast and get to know the playful side of people. In the past,  the multitype library systems (CMLE is one of them) offered a trivia event, this year at both conferences we are hosting a gaming  night, literary games no less,  with prizes and bragging rights too! Did I mention free food? Can it get better? Geeks rule….

What have I missed? Add it in the comments! Ready to register now?

Go to our handy events table, and click on the appropriate event link to register! Easy…

No Money? A  CMLE scholarship  of up to $200 is yours to use for registration, hotel, mileage, meals, or to subsidize the cost of your employer hiring a substitute worker so you can be away. If you approach your boss to say you have found a way to contribute  $200, they will know you are invested and have taken initiative. The application process is easy, CMLE would love to exhaust its scholarship budget this year on these two conferences alone, so go for it!

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Written by Patricia Post

September 18, 2014 at 9:30 am

CMLE Upcoming Event List

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Welcome to CMLE’s Upcoming Library Events listing. Here you’ll find important dates of upcoming conferences, webinars, training opportunities, and library initiatives. CMLE will be updating this list throughout the year so stop back weekly for updates!


Written by John

September 18, 2014 at 8:25 am

Re-Thinking Twitter

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Licorice twistsHave you already made up your mind about Twitter? To some, Twitter can seem a little like black licorice: you either love-it or you hate-it. Adam Grant of the Huffington Post was, until recently, in the hate-it camp… that is, he was.

In a recent article, he writes about his transition and admits that he was wrong about Twitter. One feature he highlights is Twitter’s ability to share information. “When I share something,” he says, “I know it will be accessible to people who have opted in to see my tweets, and I won’t be burdening anyone else.”

Librarians are finding Twitter can work for them too. Is your travel budget in a pinch? With hashtags on Twitter you can follow the conversation before, during, and after a conference without even having to attend. Right now the #mnitem hashtag is a perfect example. With the ITEM conference on Oct. 2-4 organizers are using it to host tweetchats, connect with attendees, and raise event awareness.

This year, members will see CMLE utilizing Twitter for increased engagement. Look for our Quick Question Poll soon!

Maybe the best way to sum up, is back with Adam Grant: “if you’re not already on Twitter, give it a try.” Have you been convinced? Check out the video below to get started using Twitter.

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Written by John

September 17, 2014 at 1:34 pm

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Libraries Help Authors Self Publish

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Book lovers never go to bed aloneLast week, I blogged about Library as Idea Incubator? and our blog stats showed quite a bit of interest in that idea. Recently, at the Explore eBooks MN Summit event, there was also a fair amount of conversation and interest in the idea of libraries as a catalyst in the self-publishing world. Libraries could become a place where authors could find helpful tools and information about self-publishing along with helpful encouragement as they make their way through the process. After their books become published, the library could  becoming a hub for authors to talk about their published books and maybe offer their assistance to others trying to do the same.

Kentucky public libraries are jumping on this idea. According to Henderson library Director Essy Day “We provide the resources to help them do it themselves. It’s like a one-stop website that gives you tools and resources, and we also have a calendar where they can book a date at a library to come and promote their work.” In theory, authors could sell more books, and aspiring authors have a place to receive help when they need it, both from library staff but published authors too!  To read more about the theoretical underpinnings and about specific resources tied to this idea, go to Libraries Helping Authors with E-Publishing.

What do you think, can you envision your library as a writers hub? Personally, I love this idea!

Image credit: http://tinyurl.com/kqjnsnv, licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Written by Patricia Post

September 17, 2014 at 11:08 am


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