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DCL eBook April Report

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Glasses Hey Paul StudiosIf you have never looked at one of these reports, it is good to remind ourselves of a few things. First, you can readily see which eBooks are currently most popular for a given month. But the main point of the report is to pay close attention to the difference in pricing of eBooks for Libraries versus eBook pricing for Consumers. James LaRue makes a couple of good points: “First, self-published works don’t always make it onto this type of list, even if they are wildly successful, when they lack an ISBN. Second, DCL staff couldn’t get into Bilbary despite repeated attempts, so that column has been removed.”…

Go to DCL ebook report, April 

The PDF file  is also available for the pricing comparisons.

Most consumers, legislators, and even administrators do not understand the pricing disparities that libraries are experiencing for eBooks. We can be part of the solution by paying attention and sharing this information more broadly.

Written by Patricia

April 18, 2014 at 5:58 pm

23 Mobile Things Spotlight – Thing 7 Content Saving and Sharing

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icon_23_100px1The CMLE office will be shining a spotlight on some of the 23 Mobile Thing posts that deserve to be noticed. This week’s focus is on Content Saving and Sharing, Thing 7 in the program.

The first spotlight is on the “Husker Tech” blog written by Debbie, a K-12 Media Specialist at the Holdingford Public Schools. In her post about content saving and sharing, she looked at the Pinterest, EduClipper, and Blendspace apps. She commented that EduClipper is “…created with teachers and students in mind… [and] works much the same way as Pinterest as far as creating boards and clipping things to add to your board.” She liked the fact that it was educational items and thought “teachers and/or students can easily create digital collection of resources around a particular unit of study.”

In Andrea’s “Assorted Librarian” blog, she used Pinterest “to find ideas for my branch’s summer reading program–and hit the jackpot.” Andrea is a public librarian working in rural Minnesota and wrote Pinterest would be a great resource for ideas for virtual displays, book lists, local history, or other special interests.

For other great content saving and sharing ideas, or for any of the things, check out the other CMLE participant’s blogs from this page: http://23mobilethingsmn.org/cmle/

For those that are in the program, we encourage you to continue blogging, tweeting, and posting about your experiences. If you’re struggling for motivation, feel free to skip around. Find that mobile thing that motivates you. Remember the end date to complete all 23 Mobile Things is June 15th. If learning more about mobile devices isn’t enough, we remind you that registered Minnesota participants are eligible for prizes! Keep up the great work.

Tip: See what people are saying on Twitter about 23 Mobile Things by following the hashtag #23ThingsMN  and join the conversation!

Written by John

April 18, 2014 at 5:32 pm

Libraries are Beautiful Contest Winners

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Image by MLibrary. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Common's licensing.

Image by MLibrary. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Common’s licensing.

Gale, part of  Cengage Learning , has announced the winners of its Libraries Are Beautiful: Inside and Out photo contest. The contest was launched in celebration of National Library Week, and the winners represent big cities, small towns, and all types of libraries across the nation. There were over 800 submissions, with over 30,000 votes cast. The top five per category were chosen by experts in art, architecture, and design. From the 25 finalists, winners were chosen by popular vote. Our own James J. Hill Reference Library in St. Paul, MN won in the Greatest Historical Treasure category. If you have never seen it, it is worth the trip to St. Paul.

Simply breathtaking…..but see for yourself….the winners are listed at http://tinyurl.com/lk5uey7



Written by Patricia

April 18, 2014 at 5:20 pm

17 Literary Brooches

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enhanced-buzz-28464-1395324957-8Just in time for National Library Week, Buzzfeed offers us a fun collection of 17 brooches (pins) that allow you to wear your favorite book. These would be top sellers at the MLA Silent Auction during the Fall Conference….just sayin! Just for fun, review these cool creations to brighten your day!


Written by Patricia

April 17, 2014 at 8:00 am

eBook Basics Webinar

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ebook-mn5Have you taken a look at the new Explore eBooks MN website?

Join fellow public, academic, school and special librarians in a statewide effort to explore the integration of eBooks into libraries, grown an understanding of how eBooks and digital content impact libraries, and engage in conversation around the future of eBooks in Minnesota. The Explore eBooks MN series of event will combine the internal expertise of Minnesotans with perspectives from national eBook innovators to further our professional understanding and build consensus. Expand your knowledge base by attending any or all of the event. Improve your library’s capacity to embrace a digital future by participating in each Explore eBooks MN event. For the full line up of events, go to http://www.mnebook.org/home


Webinar #1: eBook Basics

Wednesday, April 30, 2014 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm (Central Time)

Description: eBooks are a fact of life for libraries of all types. This session will define common terms, describe what eBooks are, and give insight into how libraries are managing eBooks. the goal of this session is to provide a solid understanding of what eBooks are and how they impact libraries.

This webinar panel presentation is open to all public, academic, K-12, and special librarians, and anyone else with an interest in the future of eBooks in Minnesota.

Register now for this webinar!

Registration is open for all five webinars now….all webinar content will be archived, but attend live to get your questions answered!




Written by Patricia

April 17, 2014 at 7:37 am

Microsoft ends support for Windows XP

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200px-Windows_logo_-_2002.svgIs your library still using Windows XP? If so, it might be time to think about replacing it. As of April 8th, 2014, Microsoft will no longer be supporting it or patching any newly discovered flaws. Without patches, “these systems are going to be ripe for exploitation” says Peter Bright of Ars Technica

For those on the hunt for a new machine, CNET has some laptop ideas, but others might need new desktops. What is your library doing about replacing its Windows XP machines?

Written by John

April 16, 2014 at 11:40 am

A Mindful Moment: Tool 7: Be OK With Discomfort

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Image by bibigeek. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons' licensing.

Image by bibigeek. Retrieved from Flickr. Used under Creative Commons’ licensing.

From now until the end of the school year, each week we will be including a post called A Mindful Moment.  Mindfulness is an emerging topic in libraries as it relates to our own personal wellness, but also as it affects good customer service. If you are at all like me, if you get a list of 12 things to consider at one time, it is just too overwhelming. Therefore, in these weekly posts, we will be providing small bits of information to assist you in moving toward  a more mindful life. All credit for the content goes to Leo Babauta at Fast Company, who believes “a mindful life is worth the effort.” I really, really love the introduction Leo gave to his 12 piece tool set and his explanation of a mindful life. This week, we feature this tool …..

Tool 7: Become ok with Discomfort

” The fear of discomfort is huge–it causes people to be stuck in their old bad habits, to not start the business they want to start, to be stuck in a job they don’t really like, because we tend to stick to the known and comfortable rather than try something unknown and uncomfortable. It’s why many people don’t eat vegetables or exercise, why they eat junk, why they don’t start something new. But we can be okay with discomfort, with practice. Start with things that are a little uncomfortable, and keep expanding your comfort zone.”

What is this business about a mindful life? Read Leo’s introduction, it will take like one minute and is well worth your time to frame this subject!

Interested in other posts CMLE has done on mindfulness recently?

Written by Patricia

April 15, 2014 at 9:40 pm


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